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Pastoral Centre in Photos

Pastoral Centre in Photos

The Chapel of our Lady Seat of Wisdom

This serves the spiritual needs of guests who wish to pray. It can accommodate one hundred worshipers at a go. It is highly ventilated as its elevated position brings in fresh, cool and gentle breeze. Beneath the chapel is the library for study and research purposes.

The Refectory

Meals are taken here with standby waiters who always attend to the needs of guests. Trained and qualified chefs prepare the food served here. The pastoral centre is often remembered for its good meals.

Peace Huts

The Pastoral Centre is punctuated with multiple peace huts for quiet time, small group activities during trainings and for private study.

Standby generator

The Pastoral Centre has three sources of power: an uninterrupted solar power supply 24/7, Government power supply and a stand by 80 KVA generator.

The Car Park

One of the facilities quests enjoy here is the greenery and parking space. Security guards who provide maximum security for the entire centre 24/7 secure the entire compound.

Multipurpose Hall

This hall has the capacity to accommodate one hundred participants for trainings and workshops. Its ventilation and constant electricity power has made it attractive and enviable. Plans are under way to upgrade it to a better standard. There are other small meeting rooms as well.


The bedrooms are all equipped with modern furniture and high-density foam mattresses. The VIP rooms have split unit air conditioners.

One of the conference rooms and One of the sitting rooms
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