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Vocation to the priesthood and religious life is a call from God to share in his mission in the world. This call is nurtured through the process of formation and discernment. Discernment is the gradual recognition of the voice of God in one's life, gaining clarity and taking the necessary steps towards the call. In discerning one's vocation, one needs to look for an answer to questions like: what does God want me to do with my life? Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once said: 'where our personal passions intersect with the needs of the Church and the World, there we find our vocation.'

It is in response to these needs of the Church and that of the World that many young men and women have accepted the call to the priesthood and religious life; many more are still discerning their calls. Vocation in the Diocese of Kenema is growing gradually. Students for the priesthood are trained at the St. Paul's Major Seminary, Regent in Freetown. If you want to be a priest or religious please contact the Vocations Director on the email address and or telephone numbers above.


Tel: +232 76 210246/ +232 76 184320

Rev. Fr. Alfred Nyuma Bockarie

Diocesan Youth Chaplain

Vocations Director

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